Portrait Photography​​​​​​​
Prices will vary for any other type of photography.​​​​
80 high resolution images in JPG format with standard editing. 
Up to 4 outfit changes. For a total of 5 looks.
Two hour shoot. 
Edited images are chosen by you. 
Includes unedited images.
Special online gallery of edited images to share with family & friends for 3 months.
You may add 20 more standard edits for $60.
You may add Professional Edits for $60 each. See the 'Photo Editing Details' section below.
With this package not only do you get more edits and all of the images, but you get to choose your edits. It also allows you more time for outfit changes. It offers us a chance to move to different locations. And, it offers us more time to shoot which translates to capturing that perfect moment where everything is just right. 
40 high resolution images in JPG format with standard editing. 
Up to 2 outfit changes. For a total of 3 looks.
One hour shoot. 
Edited images are chosen by me.
Special online gallery of edited images to share with family & friends for 1 month.
Unedited images are not included but you may add 20 more standard edits for $60.
You may add Professional Edits for $60 each. See the 'Photo Editing Details' section below.
20 high resolution images in JPG format with standard editing.
1 outfit / look due to time restrictions.
Half hour shoot.  
Edited images are chosen by me.
Unedited images and online gallery are not included but you may add 10 more standard edits for $40.
You may add Professional Edits for $60 each. See the 'Photo Editing Details' section below. 
(Shoot location must be within a 30 minute drive from East Hollywood. I'm willing to drive further for an extra fee depending on the location.)

Half of the price of your package is due at time of booking. This will reserve your time slot on my schedule for that day and the fee is applied towards your total.
The remaining balance is due within 3 days after the shoot. 
Your images will be ready for you to download within 3-7 business days after the payment for the balance has been processed. 
Price may vary on Professional Edits on groups of 2 or more.
For payment options, see the 'Payment Options' section below.
Please read the 'Terms of Service Agreement' at the bottom of this page.
To set up your shoot contact me at:
If you have any additional questions and would like to speak with me over the phone, please leave your number in the message and the best time to reach you.


- Exposure Correction
- Color Correction
- Lighting Correction
- Straightening 
- Cropping
- Small Blemish Removal
These images are great for making small prints or albums. Also great for sharing on social media. Great on your mobile devices, tablets, and on your desktop.

- The standard editing +
- Fixing and adjusting a few stray hairs.
- Making the hair look more shiny.
- Removing redness in the eyes that can make you appear tired.
- Removal of minor wrinkles. 
-Removal of any small distracting objects.
- Adjusting the color and contrast in the eyes to make them pop. 
- Adjusting teeth color.
- Adjusting makeup tones if necessary. 
- Creating 2 skin separation layers in Photoshop to be able to separately adjust the skin tones and textures.
- Adjusting highlights and shadows on the skin and on the overall image. 
- Possibly separating the main subject from the background for further adjustments. 
- Possibly using a technique called liquify to manipulate how fabric drapes on the body.
Some photographers charge hundreds of dollars for this type of detailed editing because it's very time consuming. It's the type of editing done on beauty images in magazines and used globally for marketing campaigns. 
These images will be great for larger prints, as the main image in your social media profile, or dating profiles. Also great for your company headshot. And useful anywhere else that you'd want to use a photo of yourself looking your best. 

*Any additional or specific editing is negotiable and depends on time needed.

For Premium and Standard packages:
When your images are ready, I will send you a special link to your very own private online gallery where you'll be able to not only download your images, but also select different print options. From small prints, to canvases, to albums, and much more. Note that albums require a minimum of 20 images. 
For an additional $50, I can bring my portable studio to your location. 
This consists of a couple of professional photography lights, light modifiers, a reflector, and a pop-up background that is black on one side and gray on the other side. Choose one side or both. It can also be made to look white if the space allows. This is enough to make your photos appear to have been shot at the most expensive studio in Hollywood. Once we add some colored lights into the mix, you'll look like a star.
You may want a specific solid color as your background. Maybe you want the privacy of your own room. Perhaps you would like to shoot in a space that has big windows that let in natural light and has hard wood floors. This is when renting a studio might be necessary. 
I can recommend a few local studios. Usually there is a 2 hour minimum rental time. You will be responsible for booking the studio of your choice at a mutually agreed on time. Many photographers handle it themselves but charge you extra. I want to be transparent with you and only charge you for my time. But rest assured that this is not necessary to get some great shots. 
Cash payments are preferred whenever possible. 
Zelle is my preferred digital payment method. 
Apple Pay would be my second digital choice.  
Paypal and Venmo are other options but you will be charged a small additional fee for each transaction (according to their current business processing fees). 
Example: As of August 2021, there is a $4 processing fee from Paypal to invoice a payment of $150.
You can bypass this fee by choosing to pay a "friend" instead of "item or service" on Paypal. I'm sure that Venmo has a similar option. 
If you are not currently using Zelle or Apple Pay, you can have someone that you know send the payment on your behalf.
Sorry, no checks or credit cards are accepted at the moment.
Thank you!

Payment Terms:
Booking fee is non-refundable but you may reschedule your shoot to another day within 30 days of the original shoot date. 
Balance payment is non-refundable as you are hiring me based on my artistic skill, style, and interpretation. I will do my best to make sure that you are satisfied with your images as long as your requests are reasonable and within my estimated time frame for your package.

Copyright Terms:
Clients are free to use their images for non commercial purposes, personal prints, headshots, social media, IMDB (with credit), personal websites, and all casting purposes.
For all other uses, especially press announcements, magazine (print & online), music, books, covers, author bios, and advertising purposes, please contact me directly as copyright is owned by XDFOTO and its owner and the rates vary.
Please credit all Instagram posts with @xdfoto_ and all other social media posts and IMDB with xdfoto.com.

By booking me and hiring me, you agree to these terms.