Sponsors: StellaPro Lights and B&H Photo
Achievement: 1st Place
Challenge: At Home Portrait
About the Shot: I used two lights and a reflector. In Photoshop I changed the background color and added the snow.
Sponsor: Profoto
Achievement: 1st Place
Challenge: Joy
About the Shot: Cute cat in lion costume + Perfect timing = Win
Sponsor: BravoPost
Achievement: 1st Place
Challenge: Photo Edit
About the Shot: I used Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance the image. I also added several elements including the rose in her hand, to match her tattoo.
Sponsors: Art of Visuals and Adorama
Achievement: Grand Prize
Challenge: Artificial Light
Sponsor: B&H Photo and Dell
Achievement: 1st Place
Challenge: Creative Lighting
Sponsor: Adorama and ProGrade Digital
Achievement: Runner Up
Challenge: Macro Photography

About the Shot: I used only one flash to light the subject and create that background effect.
Sponsor: Portrait Culture
Achievement: 1 of 4 Winners
Challenge: Halloween Photo
About the Shot: I added elements such as the fire, the smoke, and branches in Photoshop.
Sponsor: The Stewardship Network
Achievement: Category Winner
Challenge: Wildlife - Invertebrates
About the Shot: I found this brown widow spider and her babies hanging out on the side of a blue recycle bin. I changed the color of the bin. 
Sponsor: Godox
Achievement: 3rd Place
Challenge: Christmas
About the Shot: I used two Godox lights. One had a purple gel to color the background.