Photography Lessons​​​​​​​
Interested in learning how to use your digital camera like the pros do?

I'd love to teach you how to properly use your camera on manual to achieve amazing results. I'll show you how to dial in a proper exposure for any condition and I'll cover the basics of composition. I'll also share tips and tricks to help you get the best shots. I'll cover things like lens choice, how to read a histogram, f-stops, and more. 

You'll be using and learning on your own camera.
For DSLR and Mirrorless cameras only, not film.
We will meet at a safe and public place. They even have their own private security patrolling the park. Barnsdall Art Park in East Hollywood. 
(I'm available to drive further for an extra fee depending on the location)

Just one lesson can vastly increase your photography skills. If interested, we can have additional lessons where we can cover more advanced things like speedlites, strobes, posing, macro photography, and editing. 
I'm currently offering one-on-one lessons. You’ll be able to ask me any question at anytime and learn at your own pace without worrying about other students holding you back. I will teach you all of the things that I wish someone would have taught me. You can watch video after video on Youtube to try to make sense of it all. Or, you can take one lesson and piece it all together. All you need to do is decide if your time is more valuable.

Here's what one of my students had to say:
"It finally clicked and he also showed me features on my camera I didn’t even know about."

Contact me at to book your lesson. 
Please include the answers to the following:

What kind of experience do you have with photography?
What camera will you be using? (make and model)
What lens will you be using? (It's ok if you don't know. I will teach you how to read your lens and what all the numbers printed on it mean)
What kind of photography are you interested in? (If you're like me, you can say ALL)
What day and time is best for you?

Here's a free tip:
The quality of the final image has more to do with the knowledge of the photographer than the quality of the camera.

Shot from Barnsdall Art Park.  100mm f/8 1/250sec ISO100