About Me
Hi! My name is Dennis. I grew up drawing like most kids do, but I always knew that I would pursue art professionally. I love art! In high school I enrolled in the Graphic Arts and Multimedia Academy. I then went on to graduate from The Art Institute of California where I learned many different skills. Some of which led me to work on feature films doing CGI. 
Soon after, I moved on to become a professional photo editor. This worked to my advantage because it set me up perfectly to become a great photographer. I have now been working in the photography field for a little over 15 years.
In order to further sharpen my skills, I completed a mentoring program with a world class master photographer. I've also assisted one of LA's best editorial fashion photographers.
All of these experiences allow me to deliver the highest quality images to my clients.
When I'm not busy trying to become a photography ninja, I enjoy drawing, playing guitar and piano, snowboarding, motorcycles, and listening to music.
Currently, I’m living in Hollywood but shooting all over LA. 
If you’re interested in working with me, please fill out the form below. 
You can also send an email directly to: dv8@dv8one.com
Formerly known as xdfoto.com and xdfoto_ on Instagram.
Thank you! If you don't hear back from me soon, your message might be in my spam folder. In that case, try contacting me through instagram.
Contact me via Instagram: @dv8one_
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Thanks for taking some time to check out my work and learn a bit about me!